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Nashville Mayor Karl Dean appoints 2 new staff members | tennessean.com | The Tennessean

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean appoints 2 new staff members

April 13, 2010



Mayor Karl Dean added two people to his staff Monday, appointing Laurel Creech as chief service officer and Billy Fields to lead the Mayor's Office of Neighborhoods.

Creech has worked for Lightning 100 for the past 13 years, heading up the radio station's

Team Green outdoor adventure organization.

She has also been a member of Dean's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and his Green Ribbon Committee on Environmental Sustainability.

Creech will lead Metro's efforts under the national Cities of Service program. She'll be in charge of putting together a citywide plan to increase volunteerism by June 1. Her position is funded by a Rockefeller Foundation grant.

Fields, a special assistant to Metro Codes Director Terry Cobb — who proposed eliminating Fields' position if a 7.5 percent budget cut is necessary — is a longtime city employee and the chairman of the Davidson County Democratic Party.

He is a former director and deputy director of the Office of Neighborhoods, which was started by the previous mayor, Bill Purcell


Fields succeeds Brady Banks, who resigned last fall and is now outreach director for the Governor's Books from Birth Foundation.


in in response to this... http://blogs.tennessean.com/politics/2010/dean-appoints-two/

it has been one year to the day since I found myself tweeting from my TwackBerry seeking assistance from this office. Several of my previous e-mails and letters have beeen posted online.

This entry was written one year ago... the last correspondence went without response. i requested a formal inquiry by Metro Legal to find out why Legal Aid refused to taKe my case or refer me to pro-bono and why I was denied access to programs paid through taxpayer funds [yes, i do pay taxes]

the circus continues... and i'm constantly in a state of "disambiguation" without any resolution in sight.

My case was closed in August by the Office for Homelessness on the grounds that I failed to find suitable housing... well, duh! #noshit

I still have Social Security and DHS to deal with because apparently they can't figure out where I live and send my personal health records, financials, and certification letters to the wrong address... not even the same wrong address... many wrong addresses.

The state said to go the feds, then my congressman told "he is sorry, there is nothing he can do" since this error resulted in termination of healthcare benefits, housing assistance, employment supports... blah blah blah

So all this time... I have no answers. Nothing seems"settled" and it by no means resovled since have outstanding debts for utilities at multiple addresses... billed by Metro.

So I still can't get utilities or a phone without a $450 deposit. My bank was accessed and again compromised. As was my voter registration and my entire fucking life... it will never be the same.

It is one thing to say "no, and this is why" but it entirely different when people you actually know, suppported, voted for... but to live with...

.... silence

.... no response

.... no hope for the homeless



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