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The Evening Independent - May 25, 1985

Mother's Day 1985. The City of Brotherly Love.

"SUICIDE?" I know I've been close. Not to the act, but to knowledge. That this is not the life I planned to live. And t

There are times where I have felt that the pain of going through the motions with absolutely no success and no end in sight is so painful that the thought of living another day in total isolation and poverty is far worse than no life at all.

Jack Danton and his partner Robert Wall apparently agreed.

$4 Million in Insurance Fraud.

The FBI walked in to investigate. It was one month after they launched an investigation into my own insurance policy. One that was falsified and repeatedly used to manipulate my life and my future.

One month after I requested an inquiry into my own benefits, the FBI walked in to their Philadelphia office.

Wall opened his desk drawer and with one bullet he took his own life.


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