Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Department of Human Services in Philadelphia is a Tangled Mess and Destroying Families - Associated Content

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On January 21, 2010, I came across a story in the Philadelphia Daily News. The cover story was about a woman named Shannon Berthiaume who stated "DHS Has Destroyed My Family." Her situation blossomed out of concern for her children. Feeling frustration after dealing with the Philadelphia School District over the bullying of her children, she drove her van into the front door of the West Philadelphia school they attended. I do not advocate violence or property destruction, but you could feel her pain as the abuses experienced by her young children were described. I also felt the outrage in her heart at the sheer indifference given to her by the children's school when they were made aware of the incidents. By crashing her vehicle, she finally garnered the attention of the district. The city ended up pressing charges against her and took her children placing them into the hell of the Philadelphia foster care system, claiming she had anger management issues. For a year and a half, her children endured physical, sexual and psychological abuse. One of her sons is now in a group home for teen sex offenders after attacking another one of his younger brothers. Her family will never be the same again. DHS "helped" this family more than they will ever know.

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