Monday, May 31, 2010 • Take Action to Fund Mental Health Research

Take Action

1 Add Your Signature

The most important step you can take is to step up and stand together. Physically sign your name to the Online Declaration with our innovative signature capture tool. Our diverse multitude of signatures will make an impact statement to America that mental illness is an issue that must be addressed. Keep in mind this is not a petition, but a declaration of awareness.Add Your Signature »

2 Tell Your Friends and Family

Be vocal about your support. When 1 in 4 adults have a debilitating illness, there are millions of suffering family and friends that want to help them. Tell Others »

3 Donate to the Cause

You are now able to donate to through PayPal.Donate Now »

4 Become a Member

If you would like to be more involved with the campaign, you should sign up to become a member. The free membership grants access to special content, enables commenting on the blog and puts you on the mailing list for newsletters about's progress in the fight against mental illness.Become a Member »

5 Get Educated on Policy and Advocacy

Learn who your representatives and senators are. Find out who is active in Congress on the behalf of individuals with mental illness. Discover the legislature concerning mental health that is currently being voted on.Get Educated and Advocate »

6 Other Ways to Help Spread the Word

There are many ways to help if you would like to promote on the internet and in your community. From uploading image banners on your MySpace profile to downloading and printing off flyers, we have a couple ideas and suggestions of how you can help get the word out.Spread the Word »

7 Join Online Communities

The internet is a valuable tool for people across the country to gather and to communicate. Let's use Facebook, YouTube and MySpace as a place to unite and to tell others your unique story. Join us on: MySpaceFacebookYouTubeDailyStrengthTwitterWeb 2.0: DiggStumbleUponRedditDelicious

5 Give Financial Support

Most importantly we want to unify our voices to get funding from Congress, but through our foundation, your donations can be allocated to researchers without governmental restriction. Choose the mental illness of your concern and support the research efforts. Give now »


Take Action. Join us today.

now will someone PLEASE do something about my #batshitcrazymother who is so fucking sick, that she is determined to take me down with her, [you may THINK i'm kidding... but i actually have REAL issues to deal with, not her histrionics and borderline manipulations]


parents CAN be toxic,. so if you think i'm bad.... let me introduce you to the family. we only "look" good on paper. .

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