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Upcoming Policy Change in Central Administration BlackBerry Devices

Upcoming Policy Change in Central Administration BlackBerry Devices

18 Mar 10

Dear Colleagues,

We want to make you aware of some upcoming changes in security policies on Central Administration BlackBerry devices.

What's changing?

In order to protect sensitive and confidential University data, CUIT is implementing a new mandatory password policy for mobile devices beginning on March 25, 2010 that may affect how you use your BlackBerry device.

When is this happening?

Week of March 22

Why is this happening?

These devices connect to the same services we use in our offices to check our e-mail, calendars, and contacts.  In an effort to ensure the integrity of this data, which is often sensitive and confidential, we will be requiring passwords on all mobile devices provided through CUIT.

How will it happen?

When you order a new device, going forward, it will be delivered with a password already on it. It will include instructions on how to change the password to something more secure.  Devices that are currently on CUIT servers without password protection will have a policy pushed out to them requiring the selection of a password on or after March 25, 2010.

What should you expect?

Existing BlackBerry devices that connect to CUIT servers and don't have a current password will prompt you to select a password on or after March 25, 2010.  Your password needs to be a minimum of 4 characters, maximum 14. You will be prompted to re-type the password for confirmation.  Your device will be set to lock itself after 10 minutes of inactivity and require you to enter the password to unlock.

What if I forget my password?

You have 10 attempts to enter your BlackBerry password correctly. After the 10th attempt the device will erase itself to protect your information.  You should contact the Helpdesk at or 212-854-1919 if you cannot remember your password and we will direct it to the attempt to reset it remotely for you.

Thank you for your cooperation.  Please contact the CUIT Helpdesk at or 212-854-1919 with any questions.

CUIT Client Support Services

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