Thursday, June 3, 2010

DIY to Avoid ID Theft @PrivacyLaw @disabilitygov @CARE @NAMIMass

Collecting bits and pieces of this article that I have been working
on, however all of my passwords are being reset, and I even fraud
alerts were redirected. can seem to post without server error or some
kind of network error. This needs to be seriously.

When the IRS informs you that you have the victim of identity theft,
the burden of proof is on YOU!

How do I prove who I am when my communications are compromised, my
disability benefits were cut off and then reinstated but deposited
into a bank account that I do not own and they expect to PAY IT BACK?

This is making me physically ill to the point that I simply do not
have the ability to file all the necessary paperwork. This level of
fraud is a crime against humanity because I don't know how people
allow it to continue... The financial component obviously complicates
my ability to find any resolution to the situation.

Eventually I hope to finish this little "essay" on the effects of
financial crisis on disability, mental health and self sufficiency,
but for now, let this post SEND SEND SEND!

Identity theft is starting feel an awful lot like an Identity Crisis.

To be continued...

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Think about it! When you go to kroger, you punch your phone number.
When you call to check the balance at Comcast? Checking acct (if you
actually have a balance) or even to activate a prre-paid mastercard
like green dot or netspend. They advise you in NO uncertain terms that
you must call to activate from your "home" phone and provide. A valid
social security number for activation.

Even a pre-paid cell required an valid social and a some method of
verification: email, text message, or credit card.

What the fuck??? It is like your wallet along with your last $10.

itand to activate they match how many times have you heard, "the
number are calling from matches our records..."

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