Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Microsoft releases updated Windows Phone 7 build, brings minor changes -- Engadget @BADWEBSITES #security

There hasn't exactly been a ton of Windows Phone 7 news to come out of Microsoft's TechEd conference this week, but the company did take the opportunity to release an updated build of the mobile operating system, which should be one of the last before the release to manufacturing. That expectedly brings only minor changes, including smaller text on the lock screen, but it is said to appear "more complete and responsive" in demonstrations than before, which is always a welcome development. Hit up the source link below for a few more pics.

does anyone have an update on the security issue that "allegedly" cause google [aka DROID] to "disengage" windows mobile or the iphone or the blackberry or wtf... some get me a freakin' phone!

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