Monday, September 20, 2010

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Most Dangerous Week Ever (Yom Kippur Edition)

As your pious defense bloggers prepare to atone for our many sins this year, we look solemnly at the transgressions we made committed just in the last week.

We asked some impertinent questions. Can escalating drone strikes bring the Afghanistan war to a close? Should the Army act more the State Department?  Can Darpa really help the cause of government transparency?

We embraced the everyday insanity of the security world. Inscrutable PowerPoint slides. Airmen dressed up like Batman. Troops told they’re too fat to work out.

And we stoked conflict. Bloggers versus gangsters. Senators versus Marines. Retired officers versus defense secretaries.

So now we go to wear uncomfortable clothes and suffer hunger pangs to express our remorse, as our parents did and our children will. But we can’t begin this highest of holy days deceitfully. Like the great Jewish sage Joey Ramone, we’re not sorry for the things we do. And we’ll be back to our old ways on Monday.

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