Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Professor McChrystal’s Lectures: ‘Navigating Politics, Media,’ Irony wired.com @dangerroom

Professor McChrystal’s Lectures: ‘Navigating Politics, Media,’ Irony

We know Stanley McChrystal has a sense of humor. Starting this semester, we’ll find out how advanced his sense of self-awareness is.

McChrystal handled his firing from the Army by poking fun at his big mouth during his retirement ceremony in July. That was McChrystal’s only public appearance after his team carped about his bosses in the Rolling Stone profile that cost him his command in Afghanistan. That is, until next week, when the former four-star instructs a graduate seminar at Yale.

Yes, really. The Yale Daily News publishes McChrystal’s syllabus. To borrow a line McChrystal used at his retirement ceremony, some of his classes have the potential to be awkward. October 12’s class is titled “Navigating Politics.” November 2: “Loyalty, Trust and Relationships.” November 16: “Communicating the Story – the Media Environment.” Um.

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