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Openleaks, a WikiLeaks rival, to launch Monday, report says | Technology | Los Angeles Times

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Openleaks, a WikiLeaks rival, to launch Monday, report says

December 10, 2010 |  7:06 pm

  OpenLinkswebsiteFridayDec10Openleaks -- a rival to the secret-document-leaking website WikiLeaks -- is set to launch on Monday, according to a report.

The new site, which will be found at, has "been underway for some time" and was founded by "several key figures" who once worked at WikiLeaks but have resigned in protest of its controversial founder, Julian Assange, according to the Swedish news website

This week, a group of pro-WikiLeaks hackers, calling themselves Anonymous in a campaign called "Operation: Payback," momentarily disabled the sites of businesses such as MasterCard and Visa that have stopped doing business with WikiLeaks.

Earlier this year, was crashed not by hackers but by WikiLeaks employees, according to's report.

The move then was a sign telling to Assange to step down by, the report said. Assange didn't, so some of those unhappy at WikiLeaks left and started Openleaks, the report said.

Despite the site being launched as a rival to WikiLeaks, those behind Openleaks told that the two websites are working toward common goals, although through different methods.

"The two organizations are similar in that aspect that both are focusing on providing means for whistleblowers to anonymously provide the public with information," an insider told


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-- Nathan Olivarez-Giles

Image: A screenshot of as of Friday.

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