Sunday, January 30, 2011

You removed recipients and chaged content

anjum kiani (@AnjumKiani)
2011-01-30 21:32
@SpottyX_ which one... I changed a spelling mistake in one or two tweets
Spot (@SpottyX_)
2011-01-30 21:29
@AnjumKiani hdold up' you changed the comtent. WITHDRAw previois remark. He is either dirty or u Ethical. Either way - he's gome
anjum kiani (@AnjumKiani)
2011-01-30 12:54
@SpottyX_ the importance of #march23 #pakistan Takmeel e Pakistan Day please retweet
Spot (@SpottyX_)
2011-01-30 04:11
RT @Dobroyeutro: RT @AnjumKiani: We call 4 all who have bn in a position of power since 1971 2 leave #pakistan by #march23 no matter who!

edd, edm

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