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Juris Diction: The New World Order, Nashville, TN

Ironic: You can't get rid of the cops, I can't get them to show up. This stinks of Illuminati, NWO, CIA, BO!

Forget about Nashville, it's too late. Now beam me up, this planet sucks!


Good morning. I am writing to you from Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America. The date is January 28, 2011 and the time is 6:45 am. I got this contact address from Access Denied / Whistleblowers Site on the Trance Formation of America website which I was given from "a friend" in the United States Military who remains anonymous.

I have recently been contacted by someone I believe to be working with Black Ops after having a bizarre experience with someone who exhibited all the behaviours typical of a "Monarch" They asked me questions that made no sense to me, for example "who is your handler?" I think once they determined I am not a Monarch they provided me with a list of links which have since been deleted but I made back up file. The events were so bizarre that I had terrible nightmares. The "monarch" said things that were apparently supposed to trigger a response - trauma relevant words ("FIRE") I was in NYC on 9/11

There has been no contact for 48 hours but shortly after it ended I came home and learned my neighbour had been murdered. There was also a bizarre hostage situation next door with about 16 cops/military sharp shooters with automatic rifles. My bloodline leads to Vienna. My father went to Harvard Law with many illuminati. I am full blooded Jewish but my brothers are not. They asked me a lot of questions about my lineage, "Is your mother Jewish. And your brother David?" I have long been fighting a battle with the state and US government over a tax and Social Security dispute to no avail. I eventually came to believe that I was somehow being silenced due to knowledge I had about a number of CIA & FBI undercover operations that occurred during the late 70's and 1980s which culminated in a trial for police officers that were working as an elite narcotics squad under the authority of the Reagan admins War on Drugs - hand selected by Bill Bennett the drug czar. I don't think it's a coincidence that my father was involved with the FBI COINTELPRO unit OR that his racquetball partner is Bill Bennett. He has since left (supposedly) the employ of the United States government and is now doing White Collar Criminal Defense work with some of the most notorious bankers involved with the recent scandals (eg Madoff, Martin A. Armstrong who is a whistleblower now serving time for manipulating the gold and silver market CFTC, GATA)

In short, it now appears that events I wanted to believe were random (i reported a shooting in the apartment downstairs from me because one of the bullets hit my window) and once the cops arrived I was lead to believe that would put me in protection if I told them about the excessive drug activity occurring in my neighbourhood. Instead of providing protection I was brutally assaulted by two men who had covered their badges and the hospital had ALL the wrong patient information on file. I reported this to the state and was told that it was a high priority investigation only to learn that the complaint and medical records were "lost."

I used to work for the state as a contract employee investigating and auditing medical records and complaints in the Office of Consumer Affairs. I personally have written correspondence for the Governor of Tennessee. Records like that do NOT get "lost" from there the situation only got worse but I won't go into further detail right now. This latest incident now has me questioning whether these "random" events may be more serious and intertwined than I previously believed. I am now wondering whether these events are somehow being orchestrated by major players far greater than anything I imagined. Specifically, the New World Order (NWO) I Had never even heard of the New World Order before I got on Twitter. I believe the "good guys" gave me information on Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips for a reason. I live in Nashville, Tennessee. I even know the judge assigned to the case since I used to work along side him at the Vanderbilt Institute for Public Policy Studies while I was enrolled in the doctoral program at Vanderbilt University from 1996-1999. I don't know if this is over or just beginning but having read the file I was given on the NWO and Monarch training and Nazi Mind Control Techniques I am quote certain this latest "event" is NOT an accident. This woman exhibited every "alter" except Δ (delta)

She failed. I'm still alive and I do not surrender. Please tell me how I can get on touch with Mark Phillips who I believe has some experience working with these people.

Thank you,

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.
Nashville, TN
United States


Several months have passed since I returned "home" to Tennessee from the Rocking V Lodge in Jackson, Wyoming.

Yes, I knew something was wrong. Nobody buys a stranger a one way ticket on 48 hours notice~ especially without confirming travel arrangements or scheduling UNLESS they have a reason to isolate that person from any and all things familiar and comfortable.

Everyone wants to believe I am p@ranoid, delusional or inherently evil to justify their indifference, apathy and complete and total failure to recogmize what is now obvious to people around the globe.

This was an organized but poorly executed plan to remove any and all traces of ElyssaD from the internet, public, and world of the living.

I have analyzed and traces the data and communications with a fine tooth comb. This was exactly what I feared from day one. And only after having irrefutable evidence that Miss Rockingjude is in fact a mind controlled slave for the CIA and the NWO.

Also known as "The Company"

I do not need to "explain myself" or justify that statement. Because I have uncovered a trail pf evidence so condemning that I would rather "shock and awe" than waste my time with sheeple who are too stupid or too afraid to see what is right on front of them.

A young woman who has been screwed by every possible government authority or so called safety net.

Because I live every day not kmowing if it will be my last opportunity to ser the rexord straight I have taken the nevessary measures to ne sure that the truth will come out with or without me. There are far too many people who are being punished for the crimes of the elite; and too many powerful self rightous arrogant bastards who deserve to be held accountable for crimes against humanity.

So yes, o realize that this post may or may not ever be read or uploaded, but lucky me has had 16 years to perfect the art of creating files that only the best and the brightest can decode in the event of total and permanent disabilty or death.

Let the games begin.

My name is Elyssa, Elyssa Durant.

And despite the rumors that have been widely circulated on the internet and local "polticos" and "journos" I am very much alive and very prepared for what I believe is going to be the next round in this ridiculous "game".

Good luck, Nashville! You are on your own!

#TennesseeWaltz was nothing compared to what I uncovered, and the beauty is in the details that may have been "deleted" sealed, erased or ubpublished, but with or without me someone has to be held accountable.

But don't worry and get all freaked by a silly little blog post I am sending from a cell phone that doesn't even have a network or SIM. There ia more than enough blame to go around.

I know a conspiracy when I see it, and I can hardly wait until my pre scheduled posts hit roll out when you least expect it.

Having said that, let me go ahead and hit send. You never know when the USA is about to hit that Internet Kill Switch.

Happy Day! The taste of freedom is in the air. And If the truth shall set you free, by all means.

Fly baby fly!

The Powers That Beat- CyberBusted

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