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Mind Justice - Targeted Individuals

First Report of ChineseTargeted Individuals | Feb 8th 2005

Author Chen Yuansen still dreams of joining his family back in Changsha, China. Chen came to Canada in June 2002 to visit his daughter. While in Canada, he was inspired to write his first book, The Campaign to Incite Hatred in Fo-Huai Village, a book that made it impossible for him to return to his hometown in China. Although Chen has been granted political asylum in Canada, he still lives in constant fear.

..."I think it may be the CCP's spies using the microwave to injure my brain in order to prevent me from writing and revealing their crimes, because the tester frequently reads a microwave intensity around me of 0.5 and even 1.0 Tesla." Mr. Chen notes.

Here is Mr. Chen's story in detail.
Chinese Author Persecuted Because of His Book
By Feng Daosheng

MONTREAL - Author Chen Yuansen still dreams of joining his family back in Changsha, China. Chen came to Canada in June 2002 to visit his daughter. While in Canada, he was inspired to write his first book, The Campaign to Incite Hatred in Fo-Huai Village, a book that made it impossible for him to return to his hometown in China. Although Chen has been granted political asylum in Canada, he still lives in constant fear.

The Campaign to Incite Hatred in Fo-Huai Village (Chinese version available at unveils the cruelty of the Chinese Communist Party's land reform program in the 1950s, which wantonly slaughtered innocent people, degraded social conduct in the countryside and destroyed human morality.

Shaking the Foundation of the CCP

The land reform program was a political campaign that originated in 1950, shortly after the CCP came into power. Mr. Chen explained that, "My novel is unprecedented in that it literarily depicts the massacre of two million landlords and analyzes the main reasons why the CCP launched the land reform, which were to destroy the countryside's morals, to eliminate rural gentry to set up the communist regime, to plunder people's properties to prepare for the Korean War and to recruit sufficient cannon fodder."

It is commonly thought that the peasants benefited by the elimination of the landlord class. Chen's novel, however, tells of Mao Zedong's and the CCP's continuous manipulation, deception and cruel mistreatment of the peasants after completely wiping out the landlord class. It also describes how the nation's traditional culture and morality were destroyed from the "peasants' movement in Hunan Province," to the "agrarian revolution," "land reform," and "people's commune."

Unveiling the Truth of the Land Reform

"I was 11 years old when the land reform began." Mr. Chen recalls. "I saw a group of poor peasants kneeling down before a land reform cadre and asking for a favor in dealing with an influential landlord, who was eventually executed. From then on, I began to get information on the landlords from fellow villagers. Even as an adult, I was interested in the problems in the countryside. After years of research, I realized that the land reform destroyed human moral values and the stability of the rural structure; the land reform itself was a persecution of the peasants."

Mr. Chen adds, "I never uttered a word about writing a novel, nor dreamt of its publication. I only furtively read some pertinent data and filled my head with those pitiful stories."

A Feeling of Elation after Unveiling His Secret

In June 2002, Chen's daughter and son-in-law invited him to come to Canada. "Once I landed in this country, I was influenced and inspired by the democracy and freedom it emanated," he said. "I made up my mind to disclose in literary form what I had researched and thought over for dozens of years. That is to seek redress and justice for the two million landlords who have been wrongly massacred, to expose the CCP's crime of genocide, deceiving the peasants and degrading morality. This has been the 'top secret' in my life."

"My initial plan was to secretly write the novel under a pen name, get it published outside China and return to my homeland. I only wanted to get my long-cherished wish granted." To prevent his daughter and son-in-law from getting involved, Chen wrote secretly and meticulously. His work progressed slowly since the relevant information available on the Internet was limited and it was difficult to find Chinese documents concerning the land reform in Canada. Instead, he relied on what he remembered from past research. By the end of November 2002, only two-thirds of the book was finished.

Chen's daughter suggested an extension of his visa until the end of May 2003. But Mr. Chen had planned on going back to China in the beginning of May, so his visa was extended until May 20.

Shocked by the Words of an Expert

One day in December, Chen met a Chinese lady from the Mainland who was working in the IT Department in Montreal. He asked her about the slow performance of his laptop. After she examined it, she told him that the anti-virus software he installed in his laptop also acted as spy ware. She told him, "As long as your computer is connected to the Internet, the Ministry of Public Security in Beijing knows everything that you are doing." She went on to explain that the software was developed two years ago by a company in Zhongguancun, Beijing for the Chinese Ministry of Public Security. Chen was shocked and wasn't sure what to do. He didn't know how to explain it to his daughter, and instead went to ask his trustworthy friends for advice.

Surrender or Cross the Rubicon?

A friend of Chen told him, "Don't worry about it. You haven't published the book yet! Anyway, you are not the first Chinese to write an anti-CCP novel. Many well-known dissidents have not had any trouble, let alone you! You should go to the Chinese Embassy and confess. That way there won't be any problem."

Chen told his friend, "But I know the CCP well, and I know the value of my novel. It has exposed the slaughter of two million landlords on a moral level, addressed half a century of forbidden territory and shaken the CCP's foundation of the "alliance between workers and peasants." Even if I make a confession, I will not be pardoned. Also, who has ever been let off by the CCP? There's nothing left for me to do but finish writing the book and get it published immediately. Then I will have accomplished one of the biggest tasks in my lifetime, even if it's a desperate fight."

The Campaign to Incite Hatred in Fo-Huai Village was eventually published on The Epoch Times web site's literature column in May 2003.

Reporting to the Canadian Security Intelligence Agency

In the beginning of January 2003, while Mr. Chen was house-sitting for his daughter (who went back to China for a visit), he began to feel numbness on the tip of his tongue, and his hands and feet started to tremble. He also experienced depression, poor appetite, and a burning thirst that could not be quenched no matter how much water he drank. Mr. Chen didn't have any addictions, and has always been fit. At a medical check-up in November 2002, the doctor told him, "A 60-year-old man like you with a 30-year-old heart will certainly live a long life."

Mr. Chen suspected that he had been poisoned by someone to stop him from writing. "It was on the evening of January 14 that I had all those symptoms," he recalls, "and from that night on I began to strictly monitor my food and drink. I drank only fresh tap water and ate only freshly bought food, which I always kept an eye on. After that, a day later, I started to feel better; and a week later, I completely recovered. During this period, several personal items needed to write my novel vanished from my locked briefcase. They included some dissident magazines I bought in Hong Kong such as Cheng Ming Monthly and Open, photocopies of documents and two drafts of political comments. Items of value, however, such as the Hong Kong bills, were not taken."

Mr. Chen couldn't sit by idly any longer. He asked a friend to help interpret for him and scheduled an appointment with an official from the Canadian Security Intelligence Agency (CSIS) to report his situation. "The official from the agency took it seriously. Right away they passed my report to Ottawa for translation and analysis by experts, advised me to make a complaint with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and seek asylum as soon as possible from the Canadian government. Then they told me to let them know immediately if any such events happen again."

Almost Arrested

In October 2003, a policeman happened to check his ID. Chen was suspected of staying illegally in Canada, so the policeman immediately contacted the Canadian Immigration Service (CIS) for his status. Mr. Chen thought the CIS would explain to the officer that he was applying for asylum status. Unexpectedly though, they asked the policeman to detain him so he would not go into hiding. Luckily, one of Chen's friends was available as a guarantor.

The day after the incident, Chen went with his friend to meet an immigration officer, Robert Campbell. That was when they found out that the CIS had mailed two letters to inform Chen of his interview concerning his asylum application. Unfortunately, he missed the scheduled interview and the officials thought that he was trying to avoid them and had gone into hiding. They were going to send out an order to arrest and expel him from Canada. Mr. Chen said, "I was lucky to run into the policeman who checked my ID. Otherwise, once the order was sent out, the problem would be much more serious."

Chen had received all his letters except for the two from CIS that mysteriously disappeared. Mr. Chen's entry into Canada was legitimate, his application for political asylum was fair and honest, and he had no reason to avoid the humanitarian Canadian government. Mr. Campbell said, "It's unbelievable that two identical letters could be lost one after another." Since he was unable to guarantee that Chen would receive the next letter, Mr. Campbell informed Chen that he would send out the mail and also give him a call in order to avoid another "misunderstanding."

Fortunately, after two hearings, the Canadian authorities recognized that Chen would be persecuted once back in China because of his novel. He was granted asylum on November 3, 2004. Now he can legitimately live in Canada, but the danger still remains.

Microwave Exposure

Chen now always takes along with him an electronic gauge called an Electromagnetic Field Radiation Tester. He suspects that someone is sending him a high electromagnetic field radiation level via microwave radiation. "I 'm a healthy man, but since August 2003, I have frequently been getting unexplained headaches, I can't think or concentrate and I feel uncomfortable all over my body. In the beginning, I used a transistor radio set to test the frequency, and discovered that the signal was strongest near my pillow. I then slept at a different place and the headache stopped immediately. That reminded me of how in the 80s, the ex-Soviet Union attacked the US embassy in Moscow by transmitting high microwave radiation signals. I also realized my symptoms were very similar to those of the embassy personnel at that time. So I decided to purchase the electronic detector for a more accurate reading."

Microwave and electromagnetic radiation occurs naturally in the environment with an intensity of 0.00-0.06 Tesla, and does not harm the human body. However, prolonged exposure to an intensity above 0.20 Tesla can cause serious health effects, even mental aberration. Similarly, people have now realized that overuse of cell phones (microwave radiation) can be harmful to the brain.

"I think it may be the CCP's spies using the microwave to injure my brain in order to prevent me from writing and revealing their crimes, because the tester frequently reads a microwave intensity around me of 0.5 and even 1.0 Tesla." Mr. Chen notes.

It's unbelievable and difficult to imagine that the CCP would use such sophisticated technique to cope with a common writer and all of this is happening in Canada. As a reporter trying to make sense of the flashing numbers displayed on the tester device and digesting everything that Mr. Chen told me, I thought that maybe Chen was just hypersensitive to the microwave radiation. But at the end of my visit with Chen, I learned my lesson and realized that he was not hypersensitive as I had initially thought.

Mr. Chen and I went downtown to eat in a Chinese noodle restaurant. As we were eating and chatting away at the restaurant, the testing device read a microwave intensity of normal up to 0.40 Tesla on my side, while it read up to 0.60 on Chen's side. I tried to comfort him, saying that there were many electric appliances in the restaurant that were sending out microwave signals. Chen said, "It's no problem for a short while." After we paid our bill and got up to leave the restaurant, the microwave intensity immediately decreased to 0.01 Tesla, and a black car parked outside the restaurant quickly drove away with a screeching sound. The driver was Asian.

The Number One Enemy

Many freelance writers who focus on contemporary China have been persecuted by the CCP. Mr. Chen Yuansen has to live in constant fear because he exposed historical details concerning the land reform in China, which is rarely known by the public. When Mr. Ren Bumei, a renowned scholar, was informed of Chen's case, he pointed out, "He's also a Falun Dafa practitioner, so Mr. Chen is the number one enemy of the CCP!"

Chen concludes, "I'm the first writer to disclose in writing the crimes of the land reform program and deeply renounce the ruin of traditional Chinese culture and morality by the CCP. This 225,000-character novel is only a piece of the many others that shows the CCP's true nature, one that is hypocritical and evil."

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Zhang Huimin, a former Asia Weekly reporter cites electromagnetic targeting after receiving asylum in the United States in 2003.

An Urgent Plead from a Political Asylum: Victims of Chinese Electromagnetic Weapon

My name is Huimin. In 2001, I was a journalist working for the Asia Weekly which is based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. Because of my poignant reports on an explosion case which had been covered up by the CCP government, I received political persecution. Soon I was deprived of my job and other work opportunities, and I had no other alternatives but to seek asylum in the United States, fearing further persecution from the Chinese government.

I got the asylum from the US government in April 2003. Shortly after which I got a teaching job at the Pacific University in California, and received high evaluation from the Department of Modern Language and Literature. Starting from spring 2004, every sign indicated that the political persecution from the Chinese government has returned. The Chinese agents taped and cut off my telephone line, email, broken into my room, robbed me of important documents, hiked into my PC system, controlled my Internet activities, and at different times followed me. A series of strange events have happened to me, and they are frightening.

The most frightening is the usage of the invisible electromagnetic waves that virtually deprived me of any sense of well-being. Not only were my brain and body attacked, my sleep deprived, but also my sense of direction was disoriented. My emotion was under control, and sometimes I sense that they are capable of reading my thoughts, if not seeing what I see. The attack of these unseen electromagnetic waves is often a direct response to my emotional swings, and I figure that the use of mind control machine or thoughts reading is involved in this high-tech surveillance.

The persecution continued after I returned to Boston in the summer of 2004, and at the moment I am constantly under the attack from electromagnetic waves, which affects different parts of my body: eyes, heart, nose, brain, and have visibly undermined my health condition. They have now taken over my breath, and at one time made my eyes swollen through continuous attack. I was kept awake at nights, and sometimes hide myself in the closet to escape from the merciless invasion.

My own experiences drove me into extensive research, and I discovered that at least two other Chinese intellectuals are under similar electromagnetic persecution. One of them is Chen Yuansen, a writer who has received Canadian political protection for his writing that recounts the brutal history during the Land Reform, a history that has been hitherto kept as a secret by the CCP. Another man has received such attack for over 30 years, ever since the 70's, because of his refusal to cooperate during the Cultural Revolution. The man is now in the US. The personal accounts of these two victims are enclosed.

Another case in Fujian, a southern province in China, recounts alarming happenings of people being threatened by such electromagnetic weapon, although the attack seems to have come from the civilians, not the government. The descriptions of the attack fit well with the specific functions of the Russian Psychoacoustics weapon that are now on the market, according to the Opal journal. This information is also enclosed here.

I am relating these events of cruel persecution and my suspicions to FBI, so that you can assess them yourself to see if there may be a calculated political force behind all these physical and spiritual persecution that undermined my well being based on my asylum status. The constant attack of the electromagnetic waves is a direct threat to my life, and my friends witness how my health determinate over the past few months. I have no peace of mind either in my own apartment or outside, when those faceless agents keep stalking me. Right now I bring my bag with me wherever I go, fearing that something will disappear. The electromagnetic waves can kill in a second, and many nights I wonder if this is my last night. At this moment, I am breathing hard through my mouth, and my throat is in pain. In this hour of utter anguish and despair, let me state this to you: If I am killed or die over some accident, it is not an accident, but murder.

Your generous country has given me political protection at my needy moment, and now, as a political asylum in US who suffers from merciless persecution from China, her motherland she thought she has left behind, I seek urgently and desperately your generous help again. The CCP's relentless utilization of the electromagnetic weapon against a political asylum on the American land is a crime against humanity. My fear is, my case is only a tip of the ice burg.

May God bless us all.
Zhang Huimin

May 25, 2005, Boston

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