Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Monarch Mind Control Methodology || #Phoenix


Begin forwarded message:

From: vaxen var <>
Date: 2011 Malaki 19 22:19:06 GMT-05:00
To: Elyssa Durant 
Subject: Re: Monarch Mind Control Methodology || #Phoenix

Dear Elyssa,

MKULTRA = "Making Killers Utilising Lethal "TRADECRAFT" Requiring
Assassination. - Operation "PHOENIX" Commanders' definition.

PHOENIX took place during the NAM Era. Programmed assassins. There are
many offshoots.

Are you familiar with Fritz Springmeiers works?

Those Tn amateurs? You mean the Granite Island Group?

There is a Yahoo group that may be of benefit to you but if you've a
tech dept working on resolution... well, I mean, Granite Island is
right there.

PS: I'm a SOLO Operator. SO.


On 3/15/11, Elyssa Durant <> wrote:

So this was the Phoenix project you referenced?

Please tell me NASA Project Patch has nothing to do with girl scouts!

Listen- spoke with several experts in security and defense (as in Israeli
idefense / Iraq infosec.

I need those tn amateurs. I'm connected to stand alone servers that could
not be resolved  ( dehacked ) by stuxnet programmers.

I also have had some interesting visitors that managed to pipe in middle
eastern music to my pc.

I'm running counter surveillance but I think your team (tgadget) might want
to see the 55366 events that have occurred since 11/22.

I know understand why that date was chosen and part of me would love to send
this to your monarch who has teamed up with someone who is encouraging delta

In short - I need a secure line and a contact understands aspergers (eBOT)
and can tell me what I need to do to prevent potential disaster for "the"

This level of security (insecurity) needs to be reported to somebody.

PWA has 32,900 links to my father.

He doesn't play Jude garland wizard of oz games.

I'm sending him a copy under separate cover. I have brothers that I love.

On phone w tech

edd, edm

“…a statute which either forbids or requires the doing of an act in
terms so vague that men of common intelligence must necessarily guess
at its meaning and differ as to its application violates the first
essential of due process of law.” United States Supreme Court,
Connally v. General Const. Co,. 269 U.S. 385 (1926)

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