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The Coming Three False Flags

The Coming Three False Flags

by Federal Reserve Against,
March 13th 2012

The 3 Coming False Flags

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False flag operations are covert operations designed to deceive the public in order to make the attack look like some outside force carried it out. This gives a nation the ability to start a war and make it look like they were the victims. This is very important if the public does not want wars and it also limits the ability to for opposing interests to stop the new war. Any opposition foreign or domestic would immediately put in the same category as those they claim that did the false flag.

False flags do not happen very often, but when they do happen, they change the paradigm we operate in. We all see how the world has been changed forever after 9/11. Before 9/11 we would not have put up with such a loss of privacy and loss of liberty. Much less a decade of war looking for weapons of mass destruction or men in caves. With the supposed death of Osama bin Laden and the supposed end of military actions in Iraq. I feel the decks are cleared for the next big event.

Historically, false flags are military in nature, but I feel going forward, they will morph into something worse. Every system built on debt needs constant debt to be created, or the system implodes. If the Criminal Elite can expand the system through asset bubbles, then all is well. What happens if they can’t get more debt created? They need to either steal other assets to provide capital to the system or they need a reason to create massive debts that the masses will sacrifice for. Wars do both. With war, the Elite can confiscate natural resources of other nations and provide the context to create massive amounts of new debt.

Our system is failing and there is NO fixing it. There is so much inequity built into the system, at every level, the only answer is a complete collapse. This collapse will leave a generational scar, so that humanity might never again consider fractional reserve banking and the war machine it enables. Until that collapse, the Criminal Elite will do, what they have always done, create more debts and wars.

The Criminal Elite see their power paradigm collapsing on its own cancerous self. A silver default, debt ceiling doom , dollar collapse, peak oil or whatever, leads ultimately to the end of the Anglo American Petro Dollar financial paradigm. The Anglo-America Elite might need to pull off 3 false flags in order to fail forward. This might include the typical Military false flag, an Economic false flag and an Information false flag. These dramatic measures will seem necessary to the Elite and the horrific toll on humanity will be justified in their minds. This upheaval will be the time for the Elite to settle all of the threats to their power paradigm much like the end of Godfather I.

The first of the three threats to their power is the death of the dollar. The dollar is the basis of all of the Elites power, without it or an equivalent of it, they have no means to create the debt that enslaves nations, states, corporations, and citizens of the world. This debt money provides the Elite and unlimited checkbook to fund the most powerful military in the world. That controls the world’s natural resources so that their corporations can harvest them. It also protects the shipping lanes that transports the rest of the world’s trade. This debt also buys the political power for which the Elite rig the game to their favor. Finally, the Elite use the their money to own all of the major media in order to distract the masses from the real problem in this world, the debt based banking system.

It is no secret that the dollar is going to die. It is a mathematical inevitability. Nothing can stop the ultimate collapse of the dollar. Our monetary system is based on debt and in order for it to work, more debt needs to be created every year in excess of the debt AND interest accrued the year before. If it does not happen, there would be a massive wave of defaults that would suck the system dry in a few weeks. When you truly understand this debt based money, you realize that debt cannot ever be repaid because there would not be 1 dollar in existence. In our sick system, money is created when debt is created. When debt is paid off, money is destroyed.

The Elite don’t necessarily care if the Dollar lives or dies, they just want to control the world’s reserve currency. They would ultimately like to have a global international currency that would be far away from the pesky national politicians. So if the Dollar is doomed, how can the Elite fail forward? Create a financial crisis so incredible that desperate people will beg the Elite to make the pain stop. They did it in 1907 to set the stage for the Federal Reserve. They did it in 2008 when they held up America for $700 billion. They will do it again and use the line of stability as the main reason why we should accept their new corrupt plan.

I don’t think they can pull off something so large like that without a much larger distraction to silence the masses. The only thing I think big enough to scare the masses under the “protective” hug of the Elite, is another World War. This war can put an end to another threat to the current world order, the anti-Hegemon. Non Anglo American nations like China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela among others have been gaining incredible amount of power. I call these group of non Anglo American powers the anti-Hegemon as they have not uniting ideology other than standing in opposition to the hegemonic power of the Anglo American Empire.

The anti-Hegomon nations have so much to gain from a retreats of the Anglo American empire from the world stage. Countries like China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, India, South Africa and many more like to a lesser extent like Japan, Korea, Germany, and France have been on the losing end of the Anglo American Empire for over a century. These nations have a history of Anglo American losses like the Cold War, Opium Wars, Operation Ajax, CIA attempted coup of Chavez, British Colonization of India, Apartheid, Hiroshima, the closing of the Gold window by Nixon, and Waterloo. These are only some of the examples the Anglo American Elite have used in the past to ensure our supremacy. The Anglo American Elite have used every form of deceit to change or cheat the rules in pursuit of world domination.

I believe that the most likely event for a Military False flag would be an American Ship sunk in the Straight of Hormuz supposedly by the Iranians. In order to understand this, it is imperative to understand the Petro dollar. After Nixon took the dollar off of the international gold standard the Anglo American Elite devised a plan to back the dollar with oil. Without going into too much detail, the plan was for the their Arab partners raise the price of oil dramatically and only sell their oil for dollars. They would those recycle all of those dollar back into the Anglo American financial centers. So if you ever wondered why the Arab nations that called us the Great Satan gave us all of their dollars, you now know why.

The defense of this petro dollar standard has lead us to invade Iraq when Saddam Huessein sold oil for Euros and Gaddafi in Libya when he proposed that he and other nations sell oil for the Gold Dinar. And why so many sanctions have been put onto Iran. The Iranians opened up their Oil Bourse in 2008 to sell their oil for anything but the dollar.

An attack on an American ship would be exactly what Dick Cheney plotted to do in 2008 before they left office. Here is an insider’s account of that meeting from famed journalist Seymour Hersh.

I don’t even think that it might necessarily be an American that pulls off this attack on the American ship. If you look at who is pushing for war with Iran the most it is Israel and the NeoCons that got us into the last war. They proudly talk about how they get us to fight their wars. Here is a clip of Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu talking about their secret weapon. If you think that that is just a slip then please look into the 1967 USS Liberty incident where unmarked Israeli planes attacked and nearly sunk the most decorated ship in our fleet with the purpose of getting the US to attack Egypt.

A false flag attack like this would keep allies like Russia and China at bay much like the 9/11 attacks kept them from using their power to stop the US from invading Iraq. The world is a much different place than it was in 2000 and China and Russia have learned a lot as they have already been vocal opponents of many of the pressures the Anglo American empire has applied to Iran. If China does rise in opposition that would be something the Anglo Americans could easily turn the American public on them too.

Our horrible economic conditions are directly responsible to those that own and control our paradigm, the Criminal Elite in Wall St and Washington. That being said the criminal Elite will blame all of problems on anything else in the world except for them. China could have been purposely made a threat only to take them down in the future. Let me first state that I am NO fan of China. Their Elite have human rights violations against their own citizens that would make you sick to your stomach. Let’s be honest, China would not be a threat to us if our Elite did not build them up. Our Military Industrial Complex needs an enemy to justify their war machine. The War on Terror was a good ride, but after almost a decade, it is getting a little old. Our banking system needed another country to buy into our paper Ponzi scheme. China became the most obvious target, after Japan gorged itself on our debt to death. Our Elites, made deals with their Elites, to move our manufacturing overseas to use their slave labor and pollute their environment. The Chicoms got all of the technology, manufacturing and dollars to build up China as a threat. Our Elite did this to make tremendous profits and keep the dollar paradigm going. In the end, I believe the Elite intend to use the Chinese as the next enemy in a paradigm shifting war.

When China said no more American debt, the Federal Reserve stepped in as a buyer of last resort. This has bought us some time, but there is a huge economic difference of recycling dollars already incirculation like Chinese dollars than freshly printed ones like the Federal Reserve. The American economic system is like the heroin guy from the movie Se7en, any flash of inflation or deflation will create a massive heart attack. The Elite must some how solve Triffin’s Dilemma where a world reserve currency reaches its apex and must be allowed to default, but somehow not drag down the rest of the world with it. The Elite have been trying to get regional and ultimately global currencies in place to solve this dilemma. Now no nation is going to give up their power to create money, especially now that we are looking at the Euro imploding. The only option in to do it the old fashion way, through war.

The only thing the United States is good for is exporting debt and bombs. There is way too much at stake for our Elite to just walk silently into the night without a fight. They are trying to keep things going by fighting now four wars in the oil rich MENA region, but the writing is on the wall. The debt ceiling will be raised, more money/debt will be created and the war machine will churn. This will not end because the Elite will say, “we can’t do this anymore.” If anything, history has shown when the chips are on the table and they are up against the ropes, they double down and go off to war. The destruction of the dollar will either be the cause of war or the war will be the destruction of the dollar. If there is a Economic False Flag, like a massive treasury sell off, that will be the cause for war with China. Or if there is a Military False Flag, that will be the cause for the dollar’s destruction and forced introduction of a new money paradigm, possibly a global currency. The Elite will use this upheaval to destroy any competitors. In the smoking aftermath of the war, they will impose a new paradigm based off of the same destructive seeds of the old paradigm.

There is a third threat to the Eilte’s power paradigm, the freedom of information. There is no doubt that the Internet has gotten away from the Elite and their lies have been exposed. Small sites like mine a hundreds of others show over and over again, the Emperor has no clothes. I can see an Information False flag to coincide with this Economic and Military false flag. They can falsely blame China or domestic groups like Anonymous for massive Internet shut downs of many sites. I believe that the big corporations will still have functioning internet, but small sites will be shut down for the sake of national security. If this does not happen, they may do something more tyrannical, and shut down sites that speak out against this lie of war and debt.

Most tyrannies go after the heads of the revolution like local leaders and/or opinion makers like journalists and bloggers. They may ignore us at first, then call us crazy or unpatriotic, but ultimately they may detain or kill us. My hope is that people see the big picture and spread this truth so that it becomes impossible to put the genie of truth back in the bottle. One of the major reasons I created the Greatest Truth Never Told and Sons of Liberty Academy is to provide enough high level information to as many people so that they may conduct a leaderless resistance to the real enemy of us all, the Global Criminal Elite that own the world’s central banks.

My other hope is that those that are in charge of squelching dissent during these trying times will be Oath Keepers, who will not follow un-Constitutional orders against their fellow citizens. The most likely outcome is the government minion’s pay checks will bounce and their pensions stolen before we get to that kind of tyranny. At that point, those minions will most likely be the strongest allies to the truth movement, as they spill the beans and point the fingers. I wrote and article Who Will Be the Most Dangerous Man in The World?, in it I describe a man that sees what he is doing evil and has the power to destroy the system he once created. Daniel Ellsberg exposed the Vietnam scam and ended that war. We cannot fight evil, we only need to expose evil and it will cease to have power. The real challenge is to show people that the good that they think they are doing is really evil and they will no longer do it. We need to convince our fellow citizens that debt and war are evil and that we rid this scourge from humanity once and for all.

The timing and order of all of this is unknown, but just know that it is going to get dramatically worse before this gets any better. Every 80 years or so a paradigm dies and a new one is born out of the ashes of the old. 80 years ago we had the Great Depression and World War II and this was the creation of the current paradigm. 80 years before that we had the Civil War and 80 years before that we had the Revolutionary War. So far the United States has survived and gone on to become a Global Super Power. This time around we could have the possibility of a Revolutionary War, a Civil War, or a World War or even the combination of all three. There is nothing writing saying that America will go on. If fact given our horrible record of debt and war, this system deserves to die an awful death. Only then can we go about creating a paradigm that resonates with who we are built on peace and understanding.

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